One of the major projects of Spring 2017 was the Noor Charity Spring Festival. Embodying the Fellowship values, teaming up with other societies and open both to locals and students, this event raised money for the refugees of Syria in Dundee. 

"Listen, love, learn at Noor Charity Festival.

Ever heard of the cradle of civilization? Perhaps you’ve heard of the oldest city in the world, Damascus? You’ve definitely heard of Syria, melting pot of history, culture, and the arts. Come join us to celebrate Middle Eastern culture and the region’s rich and vibrant history. 

At Noor, live Arabic bands meet local St Andrean talent; Middle Eastern folk dances (Dabke!) meet expressive visual arts; and traditional Middle Eastern foods, teas, and coffees meet an unbounded opportunity to ask questions about the current crisis.

Refugee Action St Andrews meets Inklight; The Middle Eastern Society meets the Red Cross; The Fellowship of St Andrews meets Amina."


The Noor Festival is taking place again this year and applications will open soon! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Fellowship of St Andrews Facebook page for more information.